The anchoring system for structures


What is NamiFix?

The development of the NamiFix system stems from a need for innovation compared to the traditional anchoring plate, which is essential for the development of a terrace or patio project. In addition to certifying the load-bearing capacity of the structure, this system has been designed to effectively and durably counter the risk of water infiltration into the structure.

Starting from a simple patented idea, the NamiFix concept quickly evolved into a comprehensive vision of how to secure buildings.

Our approach is to provide structurally superior parts, meeting the strictest requirements, offered for both professionals and individuals alike.

Through innovative concepts, our mission is to develop high-quality parts that are easy to use, without compromising on effectiveness.


Our quality

Engineering, patenting, and industrial design filing, hot-dip galvanizing: nothing has been overlooked to ensure the optimal quality of our products. By utilizing engineering, Namifix supports are validated for their load-bearing capacity. Now, it’s easy to achieve the performance required by various building codes and regulations while being able to certify them.



We design the components, set the standards, and let our partners handle other aspects. We collaborate with several local companies that share our same quality standards. This way, we benefit from collective expertise in production, distribution, and marketing. It’s a winning synergy.



In addition to supporting our local businesses, we are particularly proud to contribute to the integration into the job market of individuals facing limitations or disabilities in traditional professional environments. The packaging of our products, boxing, and preparation of our orders are entrusted to the Aptas group through their division Dexterra, which employs individuals living with limitations.


To determine the number of NamiFix supports needed for a compliant and safe project, it’s straightforward: simply watch the calculation in the following video: “NamiFix Calculation” (approximately 4 minutes).

*It is recommended to adjust the number of supports to avoid exceeding 7 feet between them, thereby limiting the risk of potential beam sag over time.

A long list of advantages stems from this system, but here are the main ones:

  • This solution allows you to keep your exterior cladding intact.
  • Our supports create a protective barrier between your patio and your home against water infiltration.
  • The supports are attached directly to the foundation, reducing the impact on the building compared to traditional installation on the wooden structure of the house.
  • Our components are of professional quality, providing a solid base and exceeding the lifespan of the patio, making it a profitable investment for a very long time.
  • Faster installation, stronger with their engineering seals, our products are a logical and economical investment.

***No wood joints or overlaps are recognized when constructing the beam.

It is important to note that the load-bearing capacity has been calculated with solid beams without joints. Both pieces of wood must be uniformly supported at all times.

Each beam is entirely independent of the other, determining the placement of the supports. Simply place them side by side to achieve the desired length. To learn how to install the two pieces of wood in the brackets, follow the “Attach the Beam in the Brackets” instructions on the “Installation” page.

It is not recommended to make joints in the supports.

At the junction of 2 beams, we should see this.

More than 16 ft: simply combine independent beams placed side by side to achieve the desired length as illustrated in the diagram below.

If the supports are installed according to our guidelines, there is no risk of cracking. Simply maintain an 8″ clearance from the concrete, which applies to all openings such as foundation tops, windows, doors, and edges. This distance is the minimum required to achieve the load-bearing performance of our various supports and to avoid any shear.

The cost of our supports is an investment!

With NamiFix structural supports, your siding and insulation remain intact, providing you with the best protection against water infiltration. A logical and sustainable investment! If one day you wish to modify or remove your patio, the cladding will have been preserved in its original condition. The professional quality of our products makes them durable and safe, ensuring their longevity over time.